CarestreamDRX Evolution Plus®Imaging System

Modern Imaging Defined

The DRX-Evolution Plus has set a benchmark for imaging performance in hospitals around the world. With sophisticated auto-positioning elements, thoughtful design that creates better workflow, and powerful imaging capabilities, you get a machine that defines modern imaging

Evolution Gets an Upgrade

The DRX-Evolution Plus has been designed with new features, including extended tube-column range, enhanced pediatric capabilities, and a future-friendly design to accommodate advanced applications. It also sports sleek contoured lines and high-tech LED lighting. It’s a machine that defines modern imaging.

Modern New Look
with LED Lighting
Extended Tube-
Column Range
Enhanced Pediatric

The Evolution of Independence

Our overhead tube was designed to free techs from the day-to-day strains that cause work related injury. With powerful innovations, the overhead tube works autonomously, with an incredible array of auto-positioning features. It’s a machine that defines independence, and creates a truly modern imaging facility.

A Wall Stand that Changes Everything

With features that make simplify patient positioning, and optimize workflow, our ergonomically designed wall stand changes everything.


Features Include

  • Autonomous floor-mounted rail system for lateral stand movement
  • Auto tracking and centering align detector with overhead tube
  • Vertical Bucky range of motion from the floor up to 71 in. (180 cm)
  • Tilt capability from negative vertical (–20°) to horizontal (90°)
  • Broad range of studies – chest, lateral cervical spine, standing knee and more
  • Horizontal Bucky positioning for upper extremity and under-the-table studies
  • Side-to-side swing angulations for easy cross-table exams on gurneys

Proven Solutions for Better Workflow

With Evolution you get features that create a high level of efficiency and workflow

Wireless Detector

A wireless detector provides positioning freedom.

Advanced Control

One space-saving console controls all medical imaging functions. It has a flexible user interface with touchscreen control, customized to match clinical workflow.

Adjustable Table

Our table adjusts low enough for small children, and can accommodate adults up to 705 lbs. Table movement initiated through double-tap pedals to creates better workflow.

The Imaging Power of Evolution Plus

Accommodates specialties such as pediatrics, orthopedics, and trauma.
Images are ready for viewing and manipulation on the console in seconds.
High-quality images with increased latitude and high-contrast image detail.

Optional Linear Tomography

Tomography is back, and with Evolution Plus it’s easier than ever. Evolution Plus supports the efficacy of procedures, with movement control that is fully automatic. Tomography reduces patient exposure to radiation, and saves time and money over traditional CT. With Evolution Plus you get tomography that is fast and easy, while still providing both doctor and patient with a high-quality image.

radiation Reduce Exposure & Radiation
time-money $ Save Time & Money
seconds Images Ready In Seconds
toggle Conventional 2 dimensional image Tomographic image done at 10 cm above the table top
Accomodates Specialties Such As
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • & Trauma

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