CarestreamExcel Plus®Fluoroscopy & Radiology

With the Excel Plus You Get Fluoroscopy and Radiology in a Single System

The Excel Plus System combines both fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit. With powerful presets and robotic positioning you get exceptional versatility and ease of use, plus the ability to perform cross-table and weight-bearing exams. We designed the Excel with details drawn from technologist feedback, so you get higher productivity and accelerated workflow too.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts


Total Accessibility

The Excel Plus gives you more accessibility than any other machine out there. With full system access from every side technologists are able to easily transfer patients from a gurney. Our table lowers to 19 inches making it accessible for wheelchair patients. With features like ±90° tilting the Excel simply outperforms other machines. Our powerful auto-piloted positioning eases strain, reducing work related injury, and accelerating workflow.

Key Features Include

  • Shorter tabletops
  • Automatic tube rotation
  • Lower table-weight limits
  • Four-way table top
  • Ability to adjust any lower than 65cm
  • Limited source-to-image distance limit of 26"
Accessible From All Sides
Easily Accommodates Wheelchair Patients
±90° Tilting with Auto-Piloted Positioning

Total Care

We’ve designed the Excel with the patient in mind to create a warmer, more positive patient experience based on feedback from technologists. Providing total care, while maintaining high performance that’s cost effective - that’s the reason hospitals all over the world choose Excel over other machines.

Extended Table Length
capacity 480LB CAPACITY
Higher Weight Capacity
Ambient Light & Music
Fits More Patient Types

Total Clarity

At the end of the day it’s all about the image. Hospitals and clinics the world over choose our machines because they know they’ll get the best image clarity in the industry.

xray computer
  • We’ve provided extensive SID capability that allows for image acquisition at any distance between 110 and 180 cm.
  • A dRF configuration with a single, flat-panel digital detector for both fluoroscopy and radiology
  • With an optional DRX-1 System Radiology exams can be done whether in table, cross-table, or weight-bearing.

Total Efficiency

We use the term ‘accelerated workflow’ a lot. That’s because we think it’s important. When you get a machine like the Excel, you aren’t just getting a hunk of metal - you are getting a carefully designed imaging system that works with your techs. Because when they can optimize their work load, they focus more on their patients, and give the best care possible.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Our console features a large color touch-screen. It integrates all table movements, generator settings, and APR functions into a single, efficient interface. Intuitive controls mean less training time for staff, and a higher efficiency rate.

Remote Control

Control system operation remotely, or right at patient’s side. With our remote control the user can pilot the table is easily and avoid strain and work related injury. It’s convenient, saves time, and yes, accelerates workflow.

Camera & Mic

A built-in video camera provides you with a live feed, so you can monitor the patient’s position and overall status during the entire exam. The console’s microphone lets you speak with your patient for instructions or reassurance whenever needed.

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