CarestreamRevolution®Mobile X-Ray Unit

Meet Portable Ingenuity

The Revolution has innovative features that make it the most versatile mobile X-Ray unit in the industry. The Revolution improves productivity, simplifies workflow, and most importantly makes patients the focus of care.


A revolutionary imaging system that drives like a dream.

With ultra-smooth motion, the Revolution is easy to maneuver in tight medical environments. Glide past work stations, dart through hectic hallways, turn completely around (because you just got paged to the ICU), and maneuver in and out of rooms without missing a beat. The Revolution gets you where you need to go, effortlessly.

Keeping It All in Sight

The First-Ever Collapsible Tube Column

The Revolution is the only portable unit that offers a motorized collapsible tube column. A collapsible column gives technologists an unobstructed view as they make their way around. They’ll get where they’re needed faster - and more safely.

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Image Quality

Unique Tube & Grid Alignment System optimizes image quality and encourages grid use.

  • Fewer Retakes A powerful 32kW generator, dual-focal spot tube and EVP Plus image processing combine to further optimize images. This means fewer retakes for faster, more accurate diagnoses.
  • Image Review The Revolution offers prior image review, including techniques and exposure history, with its PACS-based query/retrieve capability.
  • Optional Tube & Line Visualization Software instantly verifies placement of tubes and peripherally inserted central catheter lines in seriously ill or injured patients.
Without Anti-Scatter
With Anti-Scatter
Signals from 8 receivers

Efficiency and Value

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Mobilize Your Productivity

Revolution optimizes workflow with features developed from technologist feedback.

Bagging a detector can be a hassle, but Revolution simplifies the process by providing a holder for easy bagging.

More Reach

With extended tube head reach you get better patient access and more accurate positioning, even in crowded rooms.

Improved Workflow

Two touchscreen displays enable quick image review or technique changes from the console or the tube, improving workflow.

2 Monitors

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